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​Frequently Asked Questions

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There are so many questions that are asked of us as Lhasa apso breeders and exhibitors. We seem to get asked these more frequently. As always if you don’t see the question you have here, please email or text it to us. We will get an answer back to you.These are important questions to ask all breeders in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Are Lhasas good with children?

Maybe. It depends on the individual Lhasa and the children in question. Most Lhasa breeders prefer NOT to place their Lhasas in homes where children are very young (under 5 or 6). That is usually because of young children's behavior and breeders trying to protect their puppy from children they do not know. We will make every effort to find the right lhasa apso for a home with young children.

Is there a preferred color in this breed?

No. The breed standard says that all colors are to be considered equal. Some breeders have preferred colors, but the majority breed for good temperaments, good health, and sound confirmation before they breed for color. As you can see in our Photo Gallery pictures, we have all colors: gold, reds, blacks, parti colors, brindles and others.

Is it true that Lhasas change color as they age?

Yes, that is true. Generally, a puppy that is born "brown" will end up being light gold or cream color as an adult. Some blacks will silver out as they age. Brindles are very chameleon like and can be black, grey, charcoal or gold when cut down or as they age.

What is the difference between a pet puppy and a show puppy?

Sometimes there is very little difference in quality. I know I have sold many a show prospect to pet homes simply because I did not have the resources (time, space, and money) to keep, train, and show each show prospect in the litter. There really is not much of a difference, quite frankly, it is we just can't and don't keep them all.

Should I buy a male or a female?

That is entirely up to you. Personally, if I were buying a pet and planning to have it neutered/spayed, I wouldn't care which sex it was. I'd just pick out whichever puppy in the litter appealed to me most. Puppies will sometimes pick you out. They don't know what gender you are. So to us the gender should be a secondary thought.

What are some things I should consider if I want to add a second Lhasa to our family?

Think about your current Lhasa's age, sex, and personality. If you have an older Lhasa, has he/she been around puppies or younger dogs? What was his/her reaction to them? Is your current Lhasa jealous of attention you get from other pets? Do you have the resources (time, temperament, money) to raise, train, and provide veterinary care for more than one pet? Do you want a male or female? We would talk about this so we don’t place a lhasa with you that causes a problem where there wasn’t one.

How often do you have puppies? Do you keep a waiting list?

We generally breed maybe one or two litters a year. Yes, we keep a waiting list but we usually do not start one until we know we are having puppies. Since we breed only one or two litters in a year, many people who ask to be put on a list find a puppy while they are waiting for our puppies to be born and for me to notify them. It saves us all a lot of time if people who are interested in one of our puppies maintain contact via email every other month or so. We appreciate the contact and have made a lot of new friends as people await our next litter!

Do you ship your puppies?

No, we will not ship a puppy. We have used ground escort delivery services. These services start at $500 and depend on the distance between our homes. We can discuss at point of adoption.

How soon do you let your puppies leave home? When can we come to visit and choose our puppy?

We do not allow the puppies to leave until they are at least 9 weeks old and have had at least one of their puppy vaccinations. We generally discourage visits because if you are not the first person to be able to choose your puppy, you run the risk of falling in love with a puppy that might not be available to you. We usually take pictures of the puppies and will post the pictures or send pictures to you so you can see how they are growing and what they look like.

How much are your puppies?

Presently, the price for puppies is $2000. We also require buyers to agree to register their puppies with AKC per the Puppy Agreement terms. If you can't agree to do this or don't intend to follow through on this agreement, please do not come to us for a puppy. We do require a deposit on a puppy after it is born from you. $150.00 deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind.

Do you have both parents available for us to see?

We are very proud to show you the parents of the puppy you are buying. The dam isn't always available, but the sire is available only if one of our own dogs sired the litter. If we sent the dam away to be bred, obviously we cannot show you the sire. Since we co-own the parents, many times the dam does not live with us.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we do. Please note that if you are required to have the puppy spayed/neutered, failure to do so voids the guarantee.

How do you decide which buyer gets which puppy?

The first choice of a puppy always goes to us. When you are put on a waiting list for a male or female, you are given a choice in the order in which you appear on the list and the order in which you send a deposit once we ask for one. (Generally after the puppies are about 6 weeks old and we’re satisfied that all are thriving.) The only exception will be if we think a particular puppy's disposition is not suited for your family. For instance, a very stubborn outgoing puppy does not belong in a home where people want to baby him and are too timid to set boundaries for him. Our goal is for both buyers and puppies to have happy lives together!

Explain more about the deposit you mentioned.

We do not take deposits until the puppies are born and we are sure they are thriving. When we are ready to accept deposits, we will notify potential buyers by email or text. A deposit holds a puppy for you and assures you that we will not sell the puppy to another buyer. Deposits must be for at least $550. One hundred and fifty dollars ( $150) of a deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind about getting the puppy. The entire deposit is refundable if a health problem shows up during the puppy's health check. The deposit is subtracted from the total amount due for the puppy. The balance is due on the day you come to get the puppy.

Do you ever have adults available for adoption?

Yes we do. We sometimes have both males and females available. We do prefer that they go to people who have owned Lhasas previously. These lhasas are usually finished champions. We realize that we can’t keep them all. Everyone deserves their own couch and family. We keep a notification list, so email us if you are interested.

Please fill out the Questionnaire with References located on the questionaire tab above if you are interested in a KarLyn puppy or adult .

My email address is and my text/phone 715-965-4751 if you have any additional questions or are interested in a KarLyn Lhasa Apso.

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